We decarbonize companies and create renewable energy.

Rain Cage Carbon’s innovative carbon capture and reuse technologies enable
people, governments, and traditional energy industries to transition
to a sustainable future, economically.

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Our ability to help people is only limited by our imagination.
Blair Aiken, Chairman, Rain Cage Carbon

We unlock pollution’s full potential

Capture CO₂ and other oxides

Make engineered carbon

Build proprietary products

Work with companies to enhance existing products

Building a world where people, planet, and profit thrive

Carbon emitters no longer have to decide between the future of our planet and their bottom line. Rain Cage Carbon’s carbon capture and reuse technologies helps traditional energy companies shrink their emissions while growing their bottom line.


We capture and convert existing CO₂ emissions into an engineered carbon material to make products for virtually every sector, from cement to cars to batteries.

  • Process multiple emissions streams at varying CO₂concentrations
  • Can work for any emitting industry
  • Scale according to operational requirements



The social benefits of our technologies are core to everything we do.

  • We are deliberate when choosing the people and companies we work with
  • We engage with like-minded people willing to pursue a greater good
  • We help our clients accomplish their environmental and social goals economically



We consider economic viability to be as important as the technologies themselves. Self-sustaining energy systems with high-value carbon offsets will create a prosperous future for all industries.

  • We verify, validate, and monetize emissions captured
  • We use blockchain technology to ensure data integrity
  • By tokenizing carbon offsets we substantially increase their marketability


The answer to a sustainable future was in nature all along

Innovative technology can eliminate energy poverty

Capturing and reusing carbon can help us distribute energy more equitably, nurturing new social and economic benefits, globally.

Accessible energy enables rural and isolated communities to thrive

Where energy flows, education follows, cultures survive, and micro businesses flourish.

Carbon capture and reuse benefits everyone

We bring government, corporations, financial institutions, and communities together to create lasting planetary change.

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What We Believe

The ‘AND’ not the ‘OR’

Today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges are complex. Solutions to complex problems require collaboration ‘AND’ innovation, not one solution ‘OR’ the other.

We promise it isn’t too good to be true.

Let us show you the science.