High-quality decarbonization =
high-value carbon offsets

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Our carbon offsets are physically verified using the same criteria across all jurisdictions.


Every carbon capture, power, and hydrogen unit produces offsets in the same way.


Tokenized offsets sit on the blockchain to ensure authenticity and security.

The best ideas in the world are worthless if they can’t be implemented.
Dwayne Dreger, CFO & President, Rain Cage Carbon Trading

High-value, verified, immutable

We extract maximum carbon offset benefits from every step along the way.


Carbon offsets are verified by a credible third-party firm based on the volume of carbon emissions captured and avoided.


Carbon offsets are validated by a second third-party firm to ensure credibility.


Credit metadata is uploaded to the blockchain and tokenized as one token per tonne of captured or avoided carbon.


We help you make the most out of your emissions

Ensure every tonne counts

Our emission inputs and outputs are physically measured to improve the quality and consistency of offsets generated – meaning that all our carbon offsets are valued the same on every platform.

Track, verify, and protect your carbon offset transaction data

Access rich metadata for every tonne of CO₂ captured or avoided. The blockchain keeps your carbon offset data safe from fraud and breaches with tamper-proof technology.

Increase marketability by tokenizing quality offsets in large volumes

By ensuring quality and supply, Rain Cage Carbon provides new opportunities to use and combine carbon offsets for significant ROI.

What We Believe

We have a personal, corporate, and public responsibility to steward positive change wherever possible.

Where sustainability meets profitability.
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