We turn carbon into opportunity

Using our proprietary EDEN™ System, we capture CO₂ and other oxides from industrial emissions sources and convert them into an advanced engineered carbon material to develop or enhance products for virtually any industry.

Connect with Us

We work in lockstep with government
organizations and traditional energy companies to:

Process multiple emission streams at varying CO₂ concentrations

Bring innovative solutions to every industry, from oil & gas, to automotive, to coal

Scale our technology to fit supply, demand, and unique business needs

Economize carbon capture by pricing it as an all-in-one service

We’ve turned a problem into a solution

We capture CO₂ and convert it into engineered carbon for
green power, hydrogen production, and many other applications.

Install & Capture

We work with you to install the EDEN™ System and capture your emissions, regardless of scale or CO₂ concentration.

Produce & Remove

We remove the advanced carbon produced for refinement into other products.


We create an engineered carbon material that can be used to make new products or enhance existing technology for virtually every industry sector.


We verify and validate the carbon offsets so you can easily claim your emissions reductions in your ESG reporting.


Endless energy  =  infinite possibilities

Rain Cage Carbon helps you harness the never-ending power of alternative energy sources.

Knight’s ChargE™ Technology

Access inexpensive, reliable, decentralized, green energy.

Save on costly resources with power generation that doesn’t require access to an electricity grid.

  • Generate power without burning fossil fuels
  • Reuse materials from carbon capture
  • Work with portable and non-combustible components

Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogen energy that is affordable, safe, and transportable.

Rain Cage Carbon’s ‘Distribution Blocks’ allow for localized hydrogen generation that doesn’t require complex and expensive infrastructure and transportation logistics.

  • Non-volatile material
  • Easily transportable components
  • Highly scalable according to hydrogen demand

What We Believe

By providing equitable access to sustainable energy, we are creating remarkable opportunities for economic independence and solving our most urgent environmental issues.

See how endless energy = infinite possibilities for our planet and your industry.