Our Why

We’re building stronger communities with science

We transform harmful emissions into products and technology that benefit people and planet profitably.

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A decarbonized world is already possible

We are focused on eradicating global energy poverty by enabling energy independence

We are empowering people, government, and industry to clean up the environment

We are transforming traditional industries through innovation and technology

Collaboration – Innovation – Kindness. Together with our collective capacity to solve problems and our collective desire to drive positive change are at the very core of everything we do.
Shay Heron, CSO, Rain Cage Carbon

Our technology aims to serve the communities we operate in

Accessible clean energy will empower rural, isolated, and impoverished communities with new opportunities to thrive

Clean energy drives education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, and over 13% of the world lives without it. To uplift humanity, we must provide safer, more sustainable, and more accessible energy and power to all.

Solving complex problems requires collaboration ‘AND’ innovation, not one solution ‘OR’ the other

Today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges are complex. Traditional industries need support to reduce emissions to develop new environmentally beneficial products, maintain levels of employment, and foster community engagement.

Planetary change begins by empowering people, government, and industry

We bring governments, corporations, financial institutions, and the public together to solve complex problems. We combine environmental and social motivations into the solutions we provide, the relationships we build, and how we engage with government and industry.

See why your mission is our mission.

Let’s charge forward together.