Our People

We believe in using carbon for good

By embracing natural principles, we’ve created decarbonization solutions that enable people and planet to profit and thrive.

Employees today want to find meaning in the work they do and are motivated by being part of something bigger than themselves. Rain Cage finds those meaning seekers, the mavericks and the ones brave enough to want to be the change that makes the world more sustainable and fruitful for everyone. 
Julia Cartwright, CPO, Rain Cage Carbon

Collaboration. Innovation. Kindness.

These are the cornerstones of our engagements.

We choose our teammates deliberately

The Rain Cage Carbon team is purpose-built and passionate. We have an appetite for changing the world and a shared belief that we are building something bigger than ourselves.

We choose our clients deliberately

Every company entity brings new value and expertise to corporate, social, and environmental goals. A willingness to collaborate and a strong sense of purpose set our clients apart.

The Rain Cage Carbon Team

Blair Aiken
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Dwayne Dreger
Chief Financial Officer
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Shay Heron
Chief Sustainability Officer
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Jeff Kidd
Vice President, Operations
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Debbie Maguire
Senior Coating and Formulation Scientist
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Mark Fertman
Principal Scientist
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Mark Blake
Chief Commercial Officer
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Julia Cartwright
Chief People Officer
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Brian Aiken
Product Development
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